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Which Suitable Meals are Ideal For Pre – Run When You Are Breaking Your PR?

If you are practicing to participate into triathlon, and then you have a long way to go and in order to make it in the run you are supposed to be fueled perfectly for the run and this is because triathlon is a great race which has gained popularity over the years with over four million people participating in 2017.

Does it really matter what type of food you eat before race? The answer is yes. This is because what you will eat having significant positive results on your speed, endurance and overall performance.

Most people have reported feeling sluggish, having digestive problems and having cramps when they either eat too much or too little just before the run which makes them to have performance issues since they are unable to run as it is required, therefore, start early to experiment on the foods that will work well with you and will help you finish the run.

A general rule before you get to race is to know the kind of foods that you are supposed to eat and the portions, if you eat too much before the run and if you eat to little you will have digestive problems and you will become sluggish.

Sweet potatoes are carbohydrates ad are rich in potassium, this component has electrolytes that helps to prevent cramps and make you run with ease and for a longer period.

If you are to eat oatmeal in before the pre run, try mixing it with fruit toppings of your choice, this adds more flavor and it doesn’t become boring since it is a great source of carbohydrates.

If you do not always caffeinate before work out you will be surprised once you try coffee how good you will be feeling after, the caffeine keeps you in good spirit and alert and boosts your energy especially if you run in the morning or afternoon.

Bananas are rich in carbohydrates, they are best paired with oat meal as toppings and this is because they are rich in carbohydrates which are essential for a pre run and they cannot also be added when you are making fruit smoothies.

Knowing which meals works best for you as a pre run meal is important, you will however have to experiment with different meals and kinds of food until you find the one that will work well with you, once you find the meal you will never want to go back to eating the meals that make you fell sluggish.

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